Custom Lawyer Website Design

Custom Web Design/ Website Re-Design (Cost-effective but not cheap)

A website is a great way to provide captivating, value added services to your customers. It keeps you relevant and memorable, assuring the return of clients, when your services are due.

We help you meet your marketing goals. Offering to your customers a unique and contemporary experience. Whether you choose to create a website from scratch or migrate to WordPress website.

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Custom Lawyer Website Design Starting From $1000

One might wonder, how to create an impressive website design

  • The most important part of a website is the navigation. Simple yet effective scrolling.
  • The websites /pages should be easy to find and comprehend.
  • When designing navigation, we aim to give you a memorable and elegant look.
  • Along with on demand, concise information of your services/products.
  • We grant the functionality of the website to dictate the design. Avoiding complicated, decorative designs and faux-pas of cluttered typefaces.
  • A website development company that focuses on the client’s requirements, analyses them. And prepares a custom pricing model best for them.
  • We offer the pragmatic services at bargain. It is our aim to serve you with the best. Establishing mutually beneficial relationships.

We get it, the hustle of a practice. Leaves you wanting a website plan with fewer hiccups.

Relax, while our skillful team, sets up the website for you. Helping Law Firms since 2014.

Our Custom Web Design Packages below

Absolute essentials

Bells & whistles

Absolute essentials

The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are hard work, endurance and common sense. Any Law firm website should reflect its fundamentals. We believe a website, is the best marketing asset for a Law Firm. Creating a flexible, user friendly website. With a professional layout. Showcasing your Firm’s Identity.

In Absolute Essentials, we provide you with a structure for your website. An impressive model, with content, SEO, hosting and most importantly a company email. Allowing you the freedom to engage, our other additional services at a later date.

Absolute Essentials Elements

Once you have decided on our Absolute Essentials package. Below is an overview, each of the essential elements included in each website.

The Layout & Character

A crucial aspect of your Law Firm site. The layout and character, of your website design is vital. We provide you with a variety of templates. Further customizing them to reflect your Law Firm’s identity.

The Content

A business website is only as good as its content. Our team ensures uniqueness to every law firm website, we execute. Endorsing all your needs.

Content Management & Support

In the digital world, regular updates are a necessity to stay relevant. Our content management system, give you the tool to easily can update your website.

Bells & whistles (the full package)

You have heard the expression Dress to Impress. Our bell and whistles package does just that.An attractively operative website designed to inspire your customers. Our digital world, standing out on a daily basis is essential to a successful marketing strategy.

  • A simple template with a basic logo, followed time after time will not serve the purpose.
  • A website showcases a law firm’s true concept. Its how client will perceive your law firm. It holds your ideals, standing for what makes you different.
  • Get the full package, change your image on the Internet. We custom design your site, structured to display your law firm’s ideology and practices. With subpages following the same theme.

Working alongside your law firm, to develop the right content. Promoting your business, to the top of the search engines.

Bells & Whistles Elements

Once you have chosen, the package that fits right for you. Relax as we take care of the details. Our experience, makes the work go smoothly. We know what your law firm needs and what your clients expect. Reviewing your current materials, plan your campaign, generate designs.

Custom & Responsive Design

Flexible to access on any device, laptop, tablet or cell phone.Connecting to clients has never been easier. Have customers contact you through web forms. Animations, dynamic menus, vCard, calendars, along with printer friendly pages , we create them all.Relevant basic pages generally stay under a 100.That being said, your CMS, is capable of handling thousands of pages.

Search Engine Optimization

Through research and structuring of your website. Upgrade yourself to one of our SEO plans.


We create a blogging platform accompanying all of our designs. Our blog writing services, reach your clients on various levels. Clients given the right direction will reach out to your law firms.

Content, Stock Photos & Web Graphics

An in-house stock photography library at your disposal. We provide all written or edited content at an additional cost.

Ownership of Copyright

Once paid for, you know the design, home pages and subpages on the website.

Setup & Transfer

We setup everything for you, including coordinating data or domain transfers/registrations. The process is seamless and easy.

Total Control through WordPress CMS

Easy to add, delete, or rearrange pages. Your law website is scalable. Different modules including news, blogs, seminars, offices and more.

Web Hosting, Backup & Security

Offer top-tier web hosting. We provide security and backup. With our fast, reliable and secure servers.


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